Bolehkah Makan Nanas dan Makanan Pedas saat Hamil ?

April 17, 2008 pukul 5:05 am | Ditulis dalam kehamilan | 3 Komentar

Wanita hamil atau wanita yang sedang menyusui boleh/ tidak perlu khawatir (safe) baik bagi ibu maupun bayi untuk makan makanan yang pedas, jika wanita tersebut baik-baik saja atau tidak ada gangguan lainnya. misalnya perut terasa panas dalam perut/mulas dsb. Maka wanita tersebut sebaiknya menghindari/mengurangi makan makanan pedas. Tapi pada dasarnya adalah safe. Insya Allah.

Eating pineapple

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is thought to help to soften the cervix and so bring on labour.

Is it safe?
There is very little available research. Each pineapple contains only very small amounts of bromelain so you would need to eat as many as seven to have any effect. The most likely side-effect of eating large amounts of pineapple would be a severe case of the runs.

Pineapple Use in Pregnancy/Nursing Avoid use because research reveals little or no information on the use of moderate quantities of pineapple during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Historically, pineapple has been used to regulate menstruation and as an abortifacient. Large amounts of juice have been reported to cause uterine contractions.

Does it work?
There is some debate about the role played by bromelain on prostaglandins, which soften the cervix to prepare it for labour. Some studies actually suggest that bromelain inhibits prostaglandin activity while others think the opposite. Regardless of this, eating large quantities of pineapple is likely to stimulate the gut and bowel and, as with castor oil, could kick-start the uterus into action by that means.

How do I try it?
The pineapple must be fresh: bromelain is destroyed by the process of canning or juicing.

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  2. di waktu hamil di bolehkan ga makan buah nanas

    • Boleh ( saya hamil 6 bln makan buah tiap hari, termasuk mangga, nanas .. pepaya… ), asal moderate.. buah sayur sangat dibutuhkan dalam pertumbuhan janin.

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